partner for production technology.

We develop sustainable, innovative and flexible production technology for customers in challenging markets. They can thus contribute to solutions for technological problems and social issues, while strengthening their competitive position. We serve a wide range of customers, from innovative start-ups to established production companies, with machines, complete production lines and other production systems. Start-ups and scale-ups can rely on our industrial expertise for their first steps towards series production. In addition, we help companies that already produce in high volume to expand their production and integrate new production technology and automation.

several markets, one approach.

We focus in particular on the Life Sciences & Health, Energy, High-Tech Systems & Materials, Smart Industry and Agri & Food markets. In doing so, we use our broad industrial experience for cross-pollination between different domains and applications in order to arrive at the optimal solution every time. We do not limit ourselves to the actual production system, but also involve the product design and final application in our development work. Based on our ISO 9001 certification, we take a structured approach and use sound project management. We combine this with a pragmatic approach to achieve the desired result flexibly and efficiently.


developing solutions and making impact.

We are part of the Demcon group. Demcon originated from the founders’ passion for solving challenging technological problems and social issues. We develop high-quality, innovative and complex systems and products and can also take on the production. As such, we create value for our clients. In a society facing huge challenges, we carry out projects that have a positive impact on people and their environment. We work on smart applications for healthcare, security, water, energy, production and communication, among others. In addition to technological innovation, we are committed to stimulating entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education.

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three locations, one company.

We serve our customers with industrial production solutions from three locations: Enschede, Groningen and Münster (Germany). We can independently carry out complete projects at all these locations, from engineering to installation. There is close collaboration between the three locations for taking on large and complex projects and sharing specialist knowledge and unique expertise. Where necessary, we call on our colleagues within the Demcon group for specific challenges in development and realization. Together we make the difference!