Demcon Groningen strengthens Innovatie Cluster Drachten. A strategic partnership for the future.

Groningen, 26 March 2024 – The recent accession of Demcon Industrial Systems Groningen to Innovatie Cluster Drachten (ICD), marks an important milestone for the technological community in Noord-Nederland. On March 25, 2024, the cluster celebrated this strategic collaboration, which embodies a shared vision of progress through the fusion of technology and humanity.

Lars de Groot, Managing Director of Demcon Industrial Systems Groningen, underscores the importance of this collaboration: “The complexity of the challenges we face as a society requires deep cooperation between diverse companies. This is one of the main reasons why Demcon is excited to join the ICD.”

The day’s program attracted great interest with approximately 40 guests, including prominent representatives from the University of Groningen and Zernike Campus. The ceremony included contributions from local mayors, ICD members and a welcome address by Binne Visser, chairman of ICD. The highlight of the event was the signing of the cooperation agreement, confirming the future vision for innovation and cooperation in Noord-Nederland.

Mayor Rijpstra of the Municipality of Smallingerland emphasized the importance of the cooperation: “Today we mark an important milestone, with the accession of Demcon Groningen to the ICD. This cluster symbolizes the powerful interplay of business, educational institutions and governments, with the common goal of strengthening the position of Noord-Nederland within the sector of high-tech systems and materials.”

Mayor Schuiling of the Municipality of Groningen added: “I am delighted that Demcon Groningen is now part of Innovatie Cluster Drachten. This step not only strengthens the innovation cluster, but also illustrates the unlimited thinking that is essential for regional growth and cooperation.”

Demcon and ICD invite the community to participate in this new phase of innovation and cooperation aimed at realizing sustainable progress and technological development in the North.

For more information and applications, please contact:
Tjimka Bakker – PR & Marketing, Innovatiecluster Drachten
Tel. +31 6 24 69 69 25

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Demcon Groningen and Innovatiecluster Drachten are looking forward to further cooperation and creating a thriving ecosystem for technological innovation in the North.