production solutions for major challenges.

We realize innovative production solutions – machines, complete production lines and other production systems – for technological problems and social issues, focusing on the following markets.

Life Sciences & Health

The healthcare sector continues to push boundaries with innovation and cost control. High-quality production solutions are required to bring innovative medical products and devices to the market reliably and safely.

We have gained a lot of experience with the requirements that apply to Life Sciences & Health. Quality is always leading for us, with a view to the safety of patients and healthcare professionals. Projects we have carried out range from small-series tooling to high-volume production lines. Production technology for disposables for point-of-care applications is one of our specialties. Based on our standard platform, we can set up production cost efficiently.

Batteries & New Energy

The energy transition demands high-quality systems that are sustainable and work efficiently. The widespread use of this energy technology requires large numbers of modules, such as batteries, accumulators, fuel cells and hydrolyzers (which convert electricity into hydrogen).

We develop turnkey solutions for the production of high-quality modules, with inline quality control for maximum yield and strict cost control. For all process steps, we master the required production technology. We support customers in process development, drawing on our extensive production expertise, in particular of electrochemical process technology.

High-Tech Systems & Materials

Solving complex, multidisciplinary problems results in the development of high-tech systems, products, processes and material applications. These groundbreaking innovations must be translated into concrete, market-ready and manufacturable products.

We meet the associated production challenges by deploying a wide range of competencies, from mechanical engineering and mechatronics to systems engineering. Calling on our many years of experience and broad expertise in production technology and industrialization, we realize the high-tech ambitions of our customers.

Smart Industry

The fourth industrial revolution offers unprecedented opportunities for more innovative, sustainable and flexible production by embracing the digital transition and making optimal use of data. This applies to both high-volume production and so-called ‘high-mix, low-volume’ production. Think of developments such as automation/robotization, flexibilization and optimization of production.

We develop advanced processes and build efficient production systems. For this we rely on our expertise in mechatronics, production technology and quality control. With (big) data and artificial intelligence, we ensure optimal production control that guarantees high quality and output. We manage the complexity of Smart Industry by fully focusing on standardization and process-based working. With sophisticated customization, we then generate the added value for specific applications.

Agri & Food

Sustainability and automation are urgent themes for the Agri & Food sector. From a technological point of view, the interaction with very different foodstuffs often presents special challenges. Think of detection, recognition, positioning, handling and making the right decisions for the next production step.

We make our contribution mainly in the processing industry, the Foodtech sector, with high-quality solutions and market-ready systems, for innovation in production, processing and quality control, using multidisciplinary development, system integration, industrialization and production technology. We master a wide range of technologies for this: mechatronics, robotics, feeder technology, vision technology and artificial intelligence. As a system integrator, we can scale up complex functions and make systems effective.