We work for a wide range of customers, from innovative start-ups to established multinationals, each with their own production issues. The advantages of our unique technology prove themselves in practice time and again. That is why we are proud to present some results, obviously with the permission of the respective customers, because confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. Each showcase is about a special production challenge, the ingenious solution we developed and the added value we provided to our customers. But we have much more to offer. Please feel free to contact us.

  • multi-product coating machine for medical instruments.

    We have developed a multi-product machine for coating…

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  • Thumbnail-In-OvO.jpg

    automated sex determination for hatching eggs.

    We fully automated In Ovo’s innovative process for…

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  • fully automatic processing machine for E-Lighter pellets.

    We developed a fully automatic processing machine for…

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  • advanced paint testing spray booth.

    We built a machine to test the suitability…

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  • Research Assembly Tool for Covid-19 PCR test cards.

    We developed a semi-automatic Research Assembly Tool for…

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  • unique medical gauze folding machine.

    We developed and built a pleating machine that…

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