advanced paint testing spray booth.

Multi-tone coatings in industrial coating processes have always been applied in several passes, where overspray had to be avoided manually. The new OFLA technology for overspray-free painting saves time and material. OFLA-compatible paints must meet high requirements, making their development a challenge for paint manufacturers. We built a machine that enables extensive paint testing in a controlled and safe environment.

reproducible and standardized.

Until now, two-tone coatings on cars, for example, were always applied in two passes. To prevent overspray, adjacent areas were taped off. That was a labor-intensive job in an unhealthy environment. Dürr, a leading manufacturer of coating technology, has developed a solution for applying paint without overspray: OFLA, or ‘Oversprayfreie Lackapplikation’. Manufacturers who supply suitable paints want to be able to test them first on standardized substrates. We therefore built a test machine with a painting robot that performs the required movements reproducibly and extremely accurately. Dürr’s EcoPaintJet system is integrated into our machine, which is completely made of stainless steel.


  • 3-axis paint robot with 600 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm range
  • maximum painting speed 1 m/s
  • reproducibility ±0.05 mm
  • horizontal and vertical paint application
  • ATEX-certified (zone 2)

best formulation.

Our paint testing spray booth simulates the movements of a painting robot at the coating line in a controlled, dust-free laboratory environment. To compare different paint formulations, the machine always performs exactly the same movement with high precision. Our machine processes both water-based paints and solvent-based paints and is explosion-proof (ATEX) in view of the latter category. For ATEX certification, our design provides a constant flow of clean air into the test cell. This air flow removes solvent and thus lowers the concentration to a safe level. With the machine’s comprehensive control, paint manufacturers can easily define their test programs and parameters to find the best formulation for their coating products.

Erik Heijdens

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“we contribute to sustainability.”

Our test machine is a building block in a development that has made the coating process more efficient and environmentally friendly. With the development of this machine, we contributed to innovation in the paint industry.